The Sediment

Weathering and erosion produce sediment, which is deposited layer by layer on to the earth’s surface. When we learned of this process, we couldn’t help but break out in Amoebic, geologically inspired dance.

The Strike Slip

Not long after The Amoeba People first arrived here on your planet, we experienced the power of an earthquake.  We later learned that this earthquake was caused by energy being released by a nearby strike-slip fault.  This dance move is a faithful recreation of our reaction to this news.

The Alluvial Fan

We think you’ll agree that few things are more dance-inspiring than cone-shaped deposits of sand, gravel and silt.

The Pyroclastic Flow

When imagining a volcano bursting forth with incredibly hot gas and chunks of rock, The Amoeba People understandably lose control and erupt into dance.

The Pompeii

Not for the faint of heart, this dance move requires the nimblest of dancemanship as well as attention to the most subtle nuances of choreography.  We were inspired by the unfortunate victims of Mount Vesuvius in AD 79.

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