The Amoeba People are musical ambassadors from the Planet Crouton (located in the Ensalada Star System). They have come to Earth to learn about your world, to explore the wonders of its natural history, to study the life which inhabits it, and to parse the mysteries of the human species by learning its dance moves.

MR. MOSLEY – Engineer

plays bass, keyboards, kazoo, vocoder, slide whistle, pop gun and bells. Fantastic whistler, even better dancer.

MR. JORDAN – Navigator

plays drums, percussion, bells, thunder maker, castanets, kazoo, out-of-tune autoharp, xylophone, and tin cans. Also sings and dances with reckless abandon.  

MR. HEDGPETH – Captain

plays guitar, bells, theremin, banjo, electronic gizmos, kazoo and keyboards. He sings and even dances when the moment is right.

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